Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Affair to Remember

Yesterday was a good day. I did however use my carpet cleaner for the third day in a row. I have yet to put the thing away this week. I use it, tuck it aside upstairs & go about my day. Actually I had to leave in a hurry on Monday (see this post) and didn't have time to put it all away. But, that proved to be a good thing as Tuesday morning I had to use it again. Wednesday was lookin' good. All the way until the afternoon when after some unfortunate sippy cups dripped GRAPE juice upstairs in the carpet. Ick. I forgot to say in the infamous Monday post that the purple puke was GRAPE juice. I was about ready to ask for some good blogger friend help to get that stuff out of carpet, when it occured to me to use my favorite cleaner vs. Hoovers Carpet Stain Remover. My earth friendly, non-toxic cleaner in it's non-diluted form got the GRAPE juice out. PHEW!!! Hoover's spot cleaner - HUGE THUMBS DOWN. Unless you're looking to dye your carpet. Then use it. I guess you could say I'm extremely grateful for my carpet cleaner ESPECIALLY this week.

DISCLAIMER: The photo is just a representation of the actual carpet cleaner I use. Any similarities to my actual carpet cleaner is purely coincidental and the author does not accept responsibility for any mis-representation. LOL!


Emily said...

Does this picture represent the carpet cleaner that you are longing to have?

Jackie said...

Ha, ha! No kidding. I might need a new one soon if I continue using it at this rate ;)

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