Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just A Little Bit

If you didn't catch my post from yesterday. . . my long post, you might want to catch up. Today started out a little bit similar to yesterday. I again had to use the carpet cleaner in baby boy's room to clean up POOP. Yes, that's right. POOP. Diarrhea to be exact. So another bath, more carpet cleaning and wouldn't you know it, baby girl slept through it all. Right outside her door, her brother banging toys in the tub, yellin' and talkin' up a storm havin' a grand ole time. She slept until 9:30 am. And when she woke up she had crusty buggies under her nose. Poor baby. She slept a lot today and has a runny nose. I think her two front teeth are close to coming in. You can see them in the front and back of the gums. Just waiting for them to pop through the top. With baby girl sleeping a lot, I was able to get lots of laundry done. Even Mickey took a nice bath in the Whirlpool washer. It felt great to get so much done. However, I'm exhausted. We had our small group finance class tonight too. We need to complete an extensive budget. That should be interesting. But good. And I'm watching one of my fav shows - Biggest Loser. It was a great day. Even though it started out a little bit poopy.
Thanks a bunch to my new followers for the comments! I hope you have fun as you read about my little ventures as a mommy and in the journey to live a frugal life and become debt free!

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Emily said...

Sounds like a much less eventful day.
Thank God for longer naps. (even if she isn't feeling good)
Although the poop on the floor had to feel like, "here we go again"

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