Thursday, February 26, 2009

'Tis the Season . . . (for flu)

2:00 AM Conversation With Baker

Groggily wake up to see it's the 2 am hour and wonder how long Luke has been in our bed.

Me to Baker: Are you putting him in bed? How long has he been in here?

Baker: Mummble, mummble . . .

Me: What?

Baker: He has a distinctive smell.

Me: What? What do you mean smell?

Baker: He just has a smell. Like vomit. Like he threw up.

(I'm now on my feet and out of bed). " HUH?"

Baker to Luke: Did you throw up?

Luke to Baker: I spit.

Baker to Luke: Did you throw up?

Luke to Baker: I spit.

(That was his story & he was stickin' to it.) I'm now down the hall and lookin' in Luke's bedroom. I start with the floor. You know the track record for this week. Nothin'. Mmmm. Look at the bed. Red puke. NOT AGAIN! I strip the bed, start the laundry. Brush Luke's teeth, wash his face & hands to help minimize the smell. Meanwhile Baker got him out of his jammies & into clean, fresh jammies. Back to bed we go. 'Course Luke's in our bed seeing as how his bed is naked. He keeps stirring. I notice he's rubbing his belly. Again. And again. And again. Several minutes go by. He's now sitting up and Baker tells him to lay down. I roll over & look at him. "Somethings not right. He's gonna throw up." Sure enough. Poor baby started dry heaving. He made it in the bowl. And then we went to the bathroom toilet. There's nothing like watching your two year old stand over the toilet with his head down dry heaving at 3am. So pitiful. I'd like to say that was the end of this story. But it's not. We awoke at 6:40am to Luke falling out of bed, hitting the bedside table, knocking over the lamp and crying. (disclaimer: we don't have a bed, we just have our mattresses on the floor. Therefore, Luke actually rolled out of bed). I picked him up and smelt something very foul. VERY foul. The other end. Great. It got on the bathroom rug. Change in jammies AGAIN. And more laundry to do today. Speaking of . . . I gotta go changed the loads in the washer.


Emily said...

...and here we go again.
The saga of a very tired mama!
Sorry Jackie

Emily said...

Did you see Kelly's blog? She has 3 sickies! This stuff is just nasty.

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