Saturday, February 28, 2009

Roomba Baby!

Just sat down and started channel surfing. First I saw this and thought, "how appropriate! Fit's right in with the theme of my week!"

And then I saw this - A Roomba!

Wouldn't this be so fun to have? It senses things we don't even see (according to the lady on HSN). I could go to sleep at night and in the morning my floors would be crumb free! Why don't I have this now? It would be like having a housekeeper that we never see or pay!


April said...

Hey - if you are buying, think of my upcoming birthday - LOL!!

Emily said...

Now that's my kinda vacuum!

Jess and Jodie Bergers said...

I'm in! I think I vacuum at least 3x a day and I'm tired of it.

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