Monday, February 23, 2009

Mon-Day, Mon-Day . . .

Today is the start of a new week. Let's re-cap the morning.
  • Baby #1 woke us up at 5:30am gagging with that pre-puke sound. His nose was all stuffed up & he couldn't breath. He spit up in his beloved Binkie (blanket) & we had to quick find the other one. Put him in my bed, and after several minutes of squiggly two year old squirms . . . put him in his own bed. Not before giving him some juice to calm the dry throat.
  • Awaken at 6:30(ish) to the sound of Baby #1 crying. But just for a moment. I hazily think that perhaps he heard daddy leaving for work downstairs & fall back asleep because the crying quit.
  • Awaken shortly after 7am to get Baby #2 (who's fussing) up to feed her & start the day. On the way to her room I stop by Baby #1's room. Door is open, he's not in bed, and there appears to be something wet on the floor by the door. Look for Baby #1 and find him sleeping on the couch in the play room (right next to our room). Huh. Wonder what happen. Unplug vaporizer (that is suppose to be helping with the stuffy nose) and make a mental note to come back & clean up "wet mess."
  • Get Baby #2 downstairs quickly before waking her brother, change diaper, prepare bottle & feed her. Lazily sitting in office chair with Baby girl watching the morning news. depressing. Here comes Baby #1. With purple stuff on his jammy shirt. Huh. Weird.
  • Transfer laundry, start dryer. Start to load dishwasher. Notice foul smell coming from Baby #1. GROSS. Take him upstairs to put in bath because his diaper is THAT rotten. Run bath, get him in. Open his bedroom window to let in fresh air. Suddenly in the daylight notice that the "wet mess" is actually PURPLE PUKE. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  • Start by blotting purple spots with cleaner & dry cloth. Not working. Get spot remover. Treat & let sit for a while while I get carpet cleaner ready. Nothing worked. Check dryer. Clothes not dry. Restart.
  • Get kids clothes. Wash baby boy's face & notice red dots covering his face. He broke blood vessels puking (just like his daddy does). Get baby boy out of tub. Baby girl is now pooping in her saucer. GROSS.
  • Dress baby boy.
  • Change baby girl's diaper. Dress baby girl.
  • Put baby girl down for nap. Start folding towels. Fold 2 towels. Baby girl is crying too hard. Console her. Not working. Sit with her in rocker. Takes two minutes & she's out. Put her back in crib.
  • Realize baby boy needs to eat breakfast. Or does he. Toast and warm apple juice. Toast for the tummy & warm juice for the throat. Besides clear juice is easier to clean up than curdled soymilk. Just in case. Make a quick protein shake for me.
  • Shower. Dress. Baby boy comes wandering in to bathroom. STINKS.
  • Change poopy diaper #3 (3 poopy diapers in under 3 hours).
  • Load car.
  • Answer phone call. Hairdresser calling to find out if I'm still coming to my appt. It's 10:10am. My appt is at 10:30. RIGHT? Oh, yeah. Sorry. See you then.
  • Notice baby girl is sleeping on her tummy, sucking her thumb for the first time. Have to take pictures.
  • Drop off kids at Grandma's. Baby boy crying.
  • Late for appointment.

It's now Monday night. The towels still need to be folded & the dishes still need to be done. Sometimes that's just how it goes. There's always tomorrow.


April said...

Oh girl - I am outta breath just reading about your day! At least it was entertaining enough to blog about - ha, ha! Gotta love those eventful days!!

Alexis said...

Wow! Your day makes me thankful for the non-stresss I have with my one little babe. I found your blog by random searching and I enjoy it! keep it up!

Emily said...

So, I just read this last night!
Man, what a day.
While very entertaining, I ended and told Ryan..."poor Jackie"
Here's to better days ahead

Jess and Jodie Bergers said...

Hmmm.....can't say I miss these days, but it is just a new set of drama as they get older. :-) Glad I found your blog!!

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