Monday, March 2, 2009

Coffee Mommy!

We were driving to Luke's Dr. appointment today and stopped at a red light. To our right there was a little strip mall with a Starbucks on the corner. Luke spotted it from the left side of the car. "Mommy! Coffee! Mommy! Coffee!" They learn so fast. Ha, ha! He's such a smart boy. But hey! He must get it from his mommy who should apparently have her medical license. My diagnosis was correct. The flu. Although, if he is vomiting at 3-4am that could possibly be an acid vomit which basically means he has an ulcer. At two years old. If it runs in the family (and it does) there would be a higher probability of an ulcer. We will be praying he quits vomiting and there's no ulcer.


Erik and Mary said...

My brother developed an Ulcer at two years old. I had them periodically through my childhood as well. Maybe you can ask my mom how she helped calm Milo's down.

Jess and Jodie Bergers said...

Avery was with a friend the other day and asked if they could stop at Les Schwab for free popcorn.....I need help. :-)

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