Sunday, March 8, 2009


A blogging award that is. My SIL awarded me with this . It's so pretty that I needed to change my background. Ha, ha!

Along with this award I'm suppose to share seven things that I ♥

Hmmmm . . . here goes:

  1. Baker. He's my rock & my soft place to fall. He loves every part of me. Even the "curvy" ones. he he he.

  2. My babies. They are so cute that they are complimented wherever we go. No joke. My little boy was June 2007 cutest baby of the month. They are my pride & joy.

  3. Coffee! I've been a coffee junkie for 12 years and it's a hard habit to break. Although, I am developing a taste for tea. Most recently tea has sounded better than coffee - SHOCKING!

  4. A new outfit from head to toe. Makes me feel pretty, no matter what shape or size! : )

  5. Saturday morning breakfast out with my family.

  6. Shopping at outlet malls.

  7. A rainy day. I'm a true Oregonian. Born & raised. (I ALWAYS forget a coat & never carry an umbrella)!

A few tags but certainly not seven:

Jess and Jodie Bergers (I know you're out there Jodie),

Photos, Fingerprints, Crayons and Coffee - my friend Emily

Perspectives Of A Child - thanks for reading about my adventures Alexis!


Taryn said...

I love a good rain too.

(and your baby is gorgeous. congratulations.)

Alexis said...

aww you're so sweet! I love hearing about your adventures- And having kids IS an adventure! :) I am praying for your kids to be healthy and on a side note: have you ever tried German pepermint tea? It's much better in taste and is healthier too. You can buy it at Cost Plus or World Market.
That is my opinion though and I like a little tea with my sugar if you know what I mean ;) Blessings!

Babs said...

I think your blog is very interesting however a giveaway would be nice, like what April has!! Just kidding, Natalie was worth visiting.

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