Friday, March 6, 2009

There's light at the end of the tunnel!

Finally! 48 hours without vomit! I am sooo excited!!! Yesterday I was so encouraged as Luke's appetite returned and he ate three solid meals and snacks. He enjoys his food and for him not to ask for food for 1-1/2 weeks was unusual. Baker & I were holding our breath and praying that the Lord would heal his stomach & give us wisdom in knowing what we needed to do for our guy. That said, I did know when feeding him that it could come back up. But, I took my chances and gave him as much non-processed foods as possible. Today he is still not 100% yet. This morning he had a massive blowout. When I say I'm cleaning up diarrhea it's up his shirt, down his pants and yes, I even pulled out my carpet cleaner to scrub up the mess in the carpet. I know you are all jealous of my life at this point. That you wish you were me. I know. I know. Not everyone can live a glamorous life like this. I hope you can all still love me even though I'm livin' the good life. He, he. I just wanna be moving on to a new blog topic. There's been enough dealing with poop around here for the next 10 years!


Emily said...

Very glamorous. I'm trying to decide which I would rather have. A sick & combative 3 year old that rams me and hits me and tries to kick me if he doesn't get his way. Or all that poop.
Something to ponder.
I'm so glad that you have 48 hours under your belt and no puke! Praise God!
Maybe we will both be able to go to MOM's this week after all.
If Wyatt's still sick though, I'm going to try to secure a babysitter. I need it.

Sassy Cass said...

Ohhhhhhh...tummy problems are the worst! We have dealt with plenty at our house. Fingers crossed that things are getting better!:)

I found you through April's blog. Just wanted to come say hey!

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