Friday, March 20, 2009

e-mealz update

K. I'm checkin' out my new menu for this next week. Just so you know, my mealplans run from Wednesday thru the following Tuesday - just like our grocery ads for Safeway & Albertsons here in the Pacific NW. That's why it's not Monday - Sunday. (Just head's up). Here's what I'm seein'.

  1. Elegant Chicken & Pasta w/mandarin almond salad
  2. Swedish meatballs w/Italian green beans & hot biscuits
  3. Cheesey baked fish w/sauteed asparagus & sweet potatoes
  4. Apple baked french toast w/bacon
  5. Chicken & Rice taco fiesta
  6. EZ open meatball subs w/chips
  7. Bean & Ham soup w/cornbread & apple peanut coleslaw.

I will probably pick 4-5 of these meals to make. And substitute one of my own meals a night and plan on take out/going out one night. That and of course it's always fun to eat at your parents house should they invite you over for a meal! Hint. Hint. Not likin' the sound of #7. Makes me sick to read it. And we shall see how I feel about meatballs twice in one week (swedish meatballs/meatball subs). I'm likin the top 5. Those would be my pick. And since I let Baker pick out the meals last week then of course that would only be fair.

So, like I mentioned before. If this looks interesting to you and you decide to try it . . . would you click on the link to join so I can have your referral? Thanx bunches!


Shelby said...

What plan did you choose? We were back and forth between the Kroger Family Plan (Fred Meyer & QFC) and the Low Fat Any store Plan. I noticed that the Kroger plan was based on ads in a few Southern States and wasn't sure how that would reflect up here.

We ended up going with option two and I was pleasantly surprised with our meal plans, even though they do not base the meals specifically on what is on sale that week.

I'm off to grocery shop this weekend and start the plan! Thanks, Jackie!

Yankee Wife said...

Shelby - Since I do most of my grocery shopping at Safeway, I chose the any store plan. e-Mealz is based more towards grocery stores back east. They do plan their meals with what is on sale for the week. Since I chose the "any store" plan & so far have only shopped the list once, I'm not sure how it works here on the west coast. I did find that many of the items I needed I could buy the generic Safeway brand on sale. I also do a lot of coupon shopping. So I will buy larger quantities of sale items to stock pile. Therefore, if I have a lot of hamburger in my freezer, I may end up substituting my own meal to save cost by using what I already have on hand. Let me know how it goes for you! I'm excited to try more new meals next week!

Emily said...

So??? How has the E-mealz been going this week?
The plan looks delicious!

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