Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Guess what day it is?

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This last weekend was CRAZY busy. I'm not joking. My sister-in-law April and I had a gi-normous garage sale on Friday in the pouring down rain. And yet we so almost everything. Huge success. Friday night was dinner with Baker's fam for his brother's birthday. Kids got to bed late and had short naps. Saturday was chores around the house. I felt so icky I slipped back in bed for a few minutes. I think that means I'm getting old. My whole back was sore and gave me a stiff neck. Don't forget the sore throat and hurting ear. Saturday night was dinner with Baker's bro and April and a movie (just the two of us). We saw Star Trek. It was good. And I was pleasantly surprised. The kids got to bed late. So, by Sunday morning while preparing for church, the babies weren't real thrilled about being hurried out the door and managed to have a few crying fits simultaneously (the beginning clues that we had pushed them too far). However, Baker had planned a nice day for just the two of us (after church) and so the babies went to my dad's for lunch and afternoon naps while we had lunch at Roses and shopping at the Woodburn outlets. Sunday night - babies went to bed ON TIME. My mom has Monday's off of work and we generally get together at her house. It gets us out of our house, gives the babies time with Gama Jean (as Luke would say) and allows me to run errands while the babies take naps in the afternoon. Today though, those poor babies were pushed to their max. Even though they took great naps and were on schedule I could completely tell by the end of the day that they needed the normalcy of their home, their own beds and just to be in their own environment. At 9:45 am the produce guy at New Seasons had pity on me and offered Luke a banana. And it got better from there. I had made Luke the promise of a bagel before leaving the house this morning and he was more than excited. Since he ate a protein bar and a banana at the store, and I offered him a Vivano smoothie from Starbucks and he said no . . . I just kinda forgot about the bagel (pronounced beagle in Luke's world). We pull away from the drive thru window and he says from the very back seat. "Beagle mom?" "I want a beagle." Ugh, whoops. Sorry buddy. No bagel. After a trip to Costco and 3 naps later (Nat 2, Luke 1) we headed to Safeway. It was glaringly obvious that Natalie was not feeling well and had a fever. But, we needed more baby motrin and food for dinner, so off we went. We ended up giving Natalie motrin while shopping because she was so fussy and hot. REAL hot. By the time we left, I think everyone in line either felt sorry for us or happy to see us leave. Probably both. I've never experienced such a fussy/screaming baby in a store like that . . . until today. And I lived to tell about it. Wonders never cease. So guess what today is. As long as Nat's fever doesn't take us to the doctor, it's a laid back day at home. It's pajama time.


Ang said...

Oh boy sounds like you had a crazy busy few days! Perhaps they were FILLED with the noises of your life? LOL.

Funny on the day I wrote about that our day was chalked FULL of crying and screaming. Eh, such is life huh?

Hope little Miss Natalie feels well soon, a sick and unhappy babe is just the worst :(

(oh and of course thanks for the link!)

Enjoy your laid back day! :)

Emily said...

This isn't the first blog post that has left me spinning!
BUSY weekend!!

Hopefully everything will settle down today with a nice "quiet" day at home.
And hopefully the babies will participate in that "quiet"!!

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