Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tan in a Bottle - That Works!

I am not a naturally dark person. I don't have Italian running through my skin like my olive complected sister-in-law. I don't turn dark brown at the end of summer like my dad, my mom, my sister or my two brothers. I have fair skin. I get sun stroke in overcast weather. Seriously. It's kinda pathetic. So, believe me when when I talk about "natural" tanners. I've tried Mary Kay, Banana Boat, tanning beds, & spray on tans. I've even been temped by those tanning towels on tv. Tempted, but didn't buy. So, this year I thought I would try the Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Lotion. Only instead of buying the lotion for fair skin, I bought the medium skin toned lotion. Guess what? I luv it. It darkens within a couple uses, it looks like a tan and most of all . . . it doesn't smell gross. Banana Boat worked fine too, but the smell was obnoxious. Jergens actually smells good. The only down side to a faux tan is that it does wipe off when you're drying off after a shower. Just a side note. But, if you've ever tried spray tanning you know a little tan on the towel is nothing!

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