Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Clean Up Continues . . .

If you haven't read about my Stuart Little I & II experiences, I urge you to catch up. Here, here, here, & here, should suffice to get you in the know. Last week as I was preparing for a garage sale and therefore rummaging through my garage for lost treasures, I decided it was time to tackle the task of cleaning out my maternity clothes bin. I offered them to a friend and when I opened the lid - WHOLA! Mouse tracks. yuck. So, I had set the bin aside because I didn't have the time (or patience) to wash all of the clothes, and I most definitely wanted to make sure the mouse was not still residing in the bin. So fast forward to last Thursday I decided I was ready to tackle the task. As I started sorting thru the clothes (in the garage with gloves on) I found several surprises. First, this mouse had been "living" in my maternity clothes. Secondly, he chewed through my most favorite comfy pants and three shirts. Completely chewed holes through my shirts. GRRRRRRRR. Thirdly, he was storing dog food in my maternity bin. There was so much, I had to take a picture. Insane. Completely insane. I'm so glad I found this now, instead of when I was pregnant and needed my clothes. shiver.

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Erik and Mary said...

oh my gosh! That is just soooooo terrible for you and absolutely disgusting! So sorry you're still dealing with that darn rat!

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