Monday, May 11, 2009

Second Time Around

Stu's relative came to visit. Same drawer and cupboard as Stu took up residence in. Now mind you this is after having my house cleaned from top to bottom last MONDAY. That's right. It has only been a little over a week, and we have another mouse. In the house. The horrible thing is after having my drawers and cabinets disinfected and re-lined with new drawer paper/lining, I moved my silverware. From the left side of the sink to the right side of the sink. Wanna know what drawer Stu's relative likes? THE RIGHT SIDE. Same as Stu. I have to rewash ALL my silverware. And rewash ALL my kitchen towels. ugh. This is not the kind of present I wanted for Mother's Day. BTW, my house was built in 2006. Not 1906. You would think this wouldn't be a problem. Just wonderin' if anyone cares to admit to ever having to deal with mice & how did you get rid of them for good?


Emily said...


Emily said...

How maddening!
Doesn't Stu's family know that you just had your house cleaned from their dirty little cousin?
I'm sorry Jackie, that just plain old stinks!
What an awful thing to come home to.

April said...

Apparently Stu #2 didn't get the memo that he was no longer welcome to come visit Stu #1.
Call the exterminator! :o)

Taryn said...

Oh no! Oh no!

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