Monday, May 4, 2009

Etc. . . Etc . . . Etc. . .

Okay ladies. Couple housecleaning things. Giveaway ends tonight at midnight. You have three chances to win. Comment, follow or blog about it. 'Nuf said. As for Stuart Little. He was apprehended somewhere between 6:30 am (when Baker left for work) and 8am when I went to the dentist on Wednesday morning. That means he was up and around when I was. shiver. At least we were on separate floors. Baker's mom found him. Isn't that awful and hilarious all at once? I told her not to look in a particular drawer because there were so many mouse tracks. Apparently curiosity got the better of her. The surprise was on her because she found little Stu. Anyhow the kitchen was left until I came home from the beach (which was completely beautiful and sunshiny). None of Stu's friends showed up during that time, so we hope it is safe to wash and return our kitchen to an organized and tidy state. Today, my house is being spring cleaned by a professional thanks to Baker's mama. Isn't she the bestest mother-in-law? I might just need to release a little Stu every season or so to guarantee a clean house. Kidding. Sort-of. Thanks mom!


Emily said...

You're getting your house cleaned? Nice!

And Mouse "tracks" what a nice way to put it. I love it.

Anonymous said...

For the best DIL Ha Ha! You deserve it, there is nothing better than a clean house!!

Love your , MIL

Erik and Mary said...

Sooooo sucks that you had a mouse! But glad it's all behind you!
And I am VERY jealous that you are getting spring cleaning! That is the best mothers day gift!

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