Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's in My Purse Bag?

I know everyone who reads this blog has been wondering . . . what does she carry in that big bag of hers? Okay, maybe not. But my SIL April over at dot. . .dot. . .dot tagged me for this cute purse game. So, I took a picture of my purse before I emptied it, the contents and after I repacked it. Yes. I said re-packed. That's how big it is. No joke. Here's the list:
  • gloss, lipstick
  • pen
  • 2 packs of gum
  • 4 baby toys
  • 2 baby barrettes
  • 2 feminine items, pack of Kleenex, 4 diapers (size 4)
  • 2 coupons
  • 2 wet wipes, 3 shout wipes, 1 package of baby wipes
  • baby Tylenol, sunscreen stick
  • house keys, car key
  • 2 hand sanitizers
  • formula dispenser, rice cereal & dried fruit
  • protein bar, granola bar, fruit snacks & raisins
  • wallet
  • phone

Now, a disclaimer. I only took 3 pieces of garbage out. I shocked myself at how "clean" my bag was. Also, if I'm running errands or going out with the babies, I usually have additional stuff beyond what is listed. For instance I usually carry 2 juice cups, a spoon, jarred baby food and size 6 diapers or pullups, a bib, a bottle, a blanket & occasionally my camera! That my friends, is why I carry a big bag. Two babies, two different sized diapers, two cups, two different stages of food . . . that deserves a big bag.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I did not know that that pink coach purse could carry so much stuff! You are a prepared Mom that is good!!


Erik and Mary said...

WOW that's awesome!

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