Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Polyvore Oh My!

If you haven't seen this site yet . . . OH. MY. Remember playing with Barbies when you were little and dressing them up? Okay, I didn't have Barbies, but I played with my friends. And you dressed and re-dressed your Barbie - over, and over and over again? And it was FUN? Well, this is like picking out your dream outfits, jewelry, shoes, bags and even Starbucks drinks! Can you say, goodbye housework?! What have I accomplished today? Ummmmm . . . nothing. But I look great! Well, on the web at least. In real life . . . I'm wearing warmups and a hooded sweatshirt. Oh well. A girl can dream.

Beach Bum


Emily said...

I did an outfit and then added up the cost of it $4119...*Sigh*
It's pretty cute though!

April said...

Had to take a quick break from my understandably whiney 2 year old with a now possible DOUBLE ear infection to take a peek at your outfit! SO CUTE!! This site is so fun - thanks for showing it to me!!

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