Friday, May 29, 2009


Fabulous Fun Finds is full of TONS of super cute, fun and fab giveaways. This is seriously one of the cutest tutu's I've ever seen! But then again, I've only been looking at baby girl stuff a short while. (smile). So, if you would like to win this for your neice, or grand-daughter or friend (ahem, Em & Betty . . . I would be more than willing to hand-me-down) please go enter this giveaway! Meanwhile . . . I'm daydreaming of the cutest one year old pictures ever!!!


Emily said...

I think I was 1 step ahead of you...
I already have 3 entries! :)

Tell you what would be a better 1 yr pic than newborn, so I'll order 12 mo if I win and you can use it first! :)

Nana B said...

So cute I can see Natalie in this for her one year old pics. Hope you like my new blog!

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