Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well, little Stuart's relative was apprehended on Monday morning sometime between 6:30-9am. I wonder why little mice are active then? Hmmm. We caught him in the same drawer as poor Stu. Last night Baker's dad and brother showed up to find out where these creatures were coming in and found that one of our outside house vents was wide open. The screen mesh had been completely pushed aside. So, with the hole fixed hopefully this will be the last of my mouse adventures. Seriously hope so. As a precaution we are watching the same drawer for a couple days before we put new liner in the drawer & return the dis-infected silverware to it's rightful place. On a more serious note, one of our dogs got sick while we were at the beach this weekend. We came home to a very subdued dog with his ears back and barely moving. Turns out he has a possible bacterial infection and has been put on two types of medication. If it does not end up being an infection, the other possibilities are kidney or liver failure. Poor dog is only 7 years old. We are praying for a speedy recovery.

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scrapin'mama said...

I am so sorry to hear about your dog. What kinds do you have? I miss mine so much. I may need to come over and love on yours if that is ok?!?

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