Thursday, June 18, 2009

I ♥ Dove

I had four soap recommendations from my dermatologist for my skin. Since I have a condition that gives me little bumps on my arms and legs (like baby acne - isn't that divine) I needed to try a new soap/cleansing routine. BTW, did you know you don't need to lather up every day? That was slightly shocking to me, but I digress. The only soap I have tried so far has been Dove. I found one of their multiple body washes - Doves Gentle exfoliating body wash to be exact and I am hooked! It smells clean, fresh and light. Don't pay retail of $7 or so. Wait for a sale, use a coupon and get it for $2 or less! At that price you too will be happy every time you lather up :) What are some of your favorite soaps & scents? I would love to hear!

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