Friday, June 26, 2009

Jam Plan

Monday my mom ad I made strawberry jam. I ♥ strawberry jam. We eat lots of pb&j around here (by the way - those our my husband and my initials, ha ha!). So I was excited to "store up for the year" by making freezer jam. It's oh-so-easy. While I was at it, I flash froze some strawberries and then put them in ziplock freezer bags so we can make "moothies" (as Luke would say) throughout the year. I really luv not having to buy jam throughout the year. Now if I can just learn how to can some produce and make enough applesauce for a year. THAT would be AWESOME! And of course, while I was making jam I couldn't help but think about the Friends episode. The one where Monica needs a plan. A plan to get over her man. So she's makin' jam. LOL. The sad part is, I had to explain all that to my mom. She didn't get it.

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Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Hee hee hee, I love the jam plan :)

And my MIL always says if the kids are sick and won't eat anything, make em a every time :)

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