Friday, January 15, 2010

Chocolate or Gym. Or Chocolate.

Yesterday went a little something like this.

Kids haircuts.
Make coffee.
Eat a cookie. Yum. Eat another cookie.
Throw in some laundry.

Natalie finds one of my empty purses. Luke and Natalie fight over who gets to play with my purse. Luke yells, "NO! That's my PURSE!"

Read to kids. Have an awe...I love being a mom moment.
Nat goes down for nap.
Eat chocolate.
Put Luke down for nap.
Finish my coffee and eat more chocolate.
Eat some chips.

Find some Junior Mints it the pantry. Bust open the box. Share ONE each with the kids. Put them in the freezer.

So if you wonder what I'm doing this morning it had better not be rummaging around the freezer for Junior mints. That's for sure. Hopefully not.


Candice said...

I always freeze my Junior Mints too! That sounded about like my day yesterday, Junior Mints included, along with some chocolate covered gummy bears and peanut butter cups... Oops! Today is off to a better start since I cleaned out my chocolate stash yesterday!

Courtney said...

Ah, I love this, Jackie! Sounds a lot like my day yesterday. Minus the gym part. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You have the cutest darn stories ever :)

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