Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Musings

I hope everyone's New Year is off to a great start. We were at the coast for the extended weekend with Baker's family. We had a fun time, all the cousins yelling and running around the house playing together with the occasional fighting or rough housing match. Now, we are home and facing the reality of putting away Christmas.

I have NEVER had my Christmas decor up this late and am trying to find a way to incorporate the soft white lights that I love at Christmas into our everyday decor. For Christmas, I ended up staging a small tree on the countertop in my kitchen. It's my Starbucks tree :) Now I'm thinking I may turn it into a Valentine's tree. The picture doesn't do the tree justice. At least in real life you don't see the strand of lights. It was a magical coffee tree ;)I have some new years resolutions in the making that I'll be sharing with you soon and a giveaway coming up on Wednesday. You won't wanna miss that! Happy Monday!


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

LOVING the Starbucks tree! I love me some themed Chr. decor :) Yes, do leave it up until next Christmas! After all, every season is a starbucks season, right?

Candice said...

Love the Starbucks Tree and I have to agree with Vintage Dutch Girl that every season is Starbucks season!
I have a Barbie themed tree that I would love to keep up all year too!

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