Friday, January 22, 2010

Fast Food Diet

I saw this commercial and no kidding. . . yelled at the tv.  ("NO! NO!  Are you KIDDING me?") I didn't know  whether it was for real or a joke and kept waiting for the punch line.  Well folks.  It's no joke.  If you're lookin' for a diet to jump start your weight loss, then perhaps you could consider this one.  I present to you . . . The Fast Food Diet.


Emily said...

Crazy?! This totally sounds like a late-night spoof, but it sounds like they're serious! I'm sure they've just given hope to millions of fast-food fans. :)

April said...

Be still my heart! A TACO BELL diet?? Sign me up!! LOL! I did check into their new menu, but everything I order is not included. Waaah!!

Erik and Mary said...

wrong, that is just wrong!

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