Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday Night Madness

In high school Friday nights were meant for sporting events and dances. In college it was dates or nights out with friends 'til 2 in the morning. Now, as a mother of two I found myself at the grocery store hitting up the good deals. SAD. VERY SAD. Just kidding. It ain't sad ladies! I have a life, and a great one at that, but when the opportunity comes to hang out with my sis and hit up some great deals, and it happens to be on a Friday night . . . so be it. Here's what I scored last night.

First it was off to Safeway. Had to take baby #2 seeing as how she cries when left with her daddy at night. Plus, I used the car ride to put her to sleep for the night. (he, he . . . whatever works)! Got free South Beach bars - YES $0 out of pocket. That's OOP for the non-couponers. Plus I grabbed some cheese, 2 pizza crusts dough and breadsticks for $6.86.

Total spent at Safeway $6.86 (plus I had to grab a few ads for the double coupons to use next at Albertsons).

Next, after dropping of sleeping baby home to bed was Albertsons. I SO scored. If I would've had my handy calculator out, I would've realized I needed to purchase something to get me to the $5 mark and I could have used a catalina from my diaper deal and paid $0 OOP. But, didn't think that thru and paid $4.40 on one transaction. Learned my lesson and that was all I paid at Albertsons. Look at the picture, I have two cartons of vanilla soy milk which is what baby #1 drinks in place of milk. I got those FREE. Yes, FREE. I need to go back to pick up the free quaker oatmeal that is the screaming deal of the week, however they were extremely picked over, and almost completely out. If they are out when I go back, then I will be getting a raincheck for oh maybe 10 or 20 boxes. And yes, they will be free.

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Emily said...

Yay...Way to go Jackie!
Looks like some great deals to me.
You'll have to tell me how you did it.

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