Saturday, January 31, 2009

Things B loved

I've been randomly thinking about how there are many things I love that start with the letter B. So here's a list.

  1. Baker
  2. Babies (my own).
  3. Blue jeans
  4. Bare feet
  5. The Beach
  6. Blankets (big, warm down filled blankets)
  7. Books
  8. Brown hair - it's soooo much better than gray! And who says blondes have more fun???
  9. Baked goodies - chocolate chip cookies & cinnamon rolls - mmmm . . . yummy.
  10. Brothers - I have two and each one favors a different baby. SO CUTE!
  11. Boots - my uggs are so warm & comfy.
  12. Birthday celebrations.
  13. Bling - especially diamonds. So pretty. The bigger the better. I made a deal with Baker. One carat for every baby. So far he's a carat behind.
  14. Being the Boss. 'Nuff said.
  15. My pink Bible. It's worn and comfy like a good pair of jeans. I always feel at home when I open it. I feel lost using other Bibles.

I'm sure there's more, but this list took me long enough and since I've started it, the 25 Random Things on Facebook has been circulating and this post seems a little like a copycat. OH WELL. It's not.

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