Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Playhouse Disney . . . here we come!

I'm so excited. Luke started watching playhouse Disney around his first birthday. His cousins have long been huge Disney fans, but Luke is just to the age where he's getting really excited about certain characters. Prior to him turning two, naps were pretty un-flexible (is that an actual word) and taking him to sit through a performance . . . did NOT sound like fun at all. This year however, Mickey is THE MOUSE!!! Everything is Mickey. So, when I found this post on Frugal Living, I had to jump at the chance to go see the characters live and in person. So on January 30th Playhouse Disney will have the Baker's sitting in their audience with one VERY happy little two year old!


Erik and Mary said...

awww I can't wait for things like that with Mace! On the other hand...I can wait for the day I will be posting about poop! ;-) It's still pretty manageable right now ;-)
Also...I am trying to understand this whole coupon thing. It seems very confusing and tricky. But If you saved all that on Diapers please share! I need your help ;-)

Jennifer said...

I saw that post today also, so a friend of mine and her daughter are joining will be a blast! I showed her on you tube today and she said mommy I wanna go:)

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