Monday, January 12, 2009

Well . . . POOP!

Yes, this is a blog about poop. Why? Because Baby #1 is beginning to recognize his bodily functions. Last week he peed on the potty on two different occasions before his bathtime. Today, I was getting ready for the day at my bathroom sink, and I turn to look in the closet, and he's in there . . . grunting. Great. "No, no, no!" Do you need to go poop? Low and behold he didn't go in his diaper. (This is a HUGE first). So, I set him on the toilet and he proceeds to do his business. I was completely shocked. First of all, I always catch him after the fact. Secondly, just a few months ago, this is the same child who was scarred to death of sitting on the toilet, or even on a child's toilet ring on top of the toilet. Now, he sits up there proud as can be. And, I must say, I praised him ALL day long for his accomplishment. We called Daddy at work, Grandma Jean & Auntie Shell to tell them all the good news. And boy, did he beam whenever we told someone about his success. Because of that, we had to take a picture. And no. There's nothing showing in the picture people. That would be gross. Very gross.

BTW - Baby #2 decided to poo while playing in her saucer, and it went up her back. Absolutely gross. And no. There is no picture of that. UGH. The title is very appropriate.

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