Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pampers . . . Pampers Everywhere!

It's official. I enjoy couponing. It's my new hobby. And now that I've got sort of a system figured out. . . it's fun. Really fun. Like today. I bought $30 worth of Pampers and got $20 in coupons back. I paid $10 out of pocket and did it again. And again. And again. And again. In the past I have often gone to Babies R Us to get the biggest pack possible. I didn't realize I was paying .40 cents a diaper. Today I paid .10 cents a diaper. Thats a savings of 75% - it's ALOT! This isn't all I have, it's just what I bought TODAY. And that picture of coupons. I still have all that to spend. Yay!
SIDE NOTE: If I'm buying this many diapers, then guess what I do all day. And to think that I wonder at the end of each day what I've accomplished. Some days I just need to check the garbage to remind myself. Oh yes. If anyone ask what I do for a living? I'm in the importing and exporting business. I import food (into the babies) and (they) export (the food) into the diapers. Oh boy. I crack myself up.


Jennifer M said...

Hey Jackie I was going through and saw your comment about the diapers...did you have any additional coupons you used? Also could you have used those coupons to purchase those diapers or were they next purchase coupons? Thanks so much!

Jackie said...

Jennifer - I'm not sure I understand completely your question, but I also didn't explain it real well in my blog (I was in a hurry blogging). I originally purchased $30 worth of diapers. They were on sale for $10a jumbo pack. I had 3/$1 pampers coupons I used AND I purchased other products such as hot pockets, pork chops (BOGO) & lean cuisine meals to bring my purchase to $50. I then used $10 off $50 purchase coupon from Safeway (Albertsons takes competitors coupons) and my grand total for everything was $34.34. I then received $20 in catalinas which I used to purchase more pampers. However, I have since become aware that the catalina coupons state in fine print, "not to be used on proctor & gamble products" which includes pampers. Since learning this I haven't used my catalina coupons to purchase more pampers. However, it was a great deal while it lasted! Did I answer your question at all???

Jennifer said...

YESSSS.. you did! I was wondering how much out of pocket you had to pay at first:)

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