Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's about time

  • Time I get off my arse and start movin'.
  • Time to loose the baby belly fat (since she's almost 5 months).
  • Time to get up before my 2 year old (his current wakeup time is at frinkin' 6:50 AM).
  • Time to figure out what type of exercise I like most.
  • Time to have a regular devotional time EVERY morning.
  • Time to find a paint color for my bedroom.
  • Time to get my ring cleaned (nuts shoulda done it at the mall tonight).

I gotta find some time to get some stuff done. I'll start Monday.


April said...

You Go Girl!! :o)

Emily said...

Alright!!! Those are some great goals.

Erik and Mary said...

here ye, here ye!!! I am soooooooo there with ya!!!! Let me know how it goes ;-)

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