Sunday, January 4, 2009

Marley & Me or is that Summer & I ?

Marley & Me

On New Years day one of my brothers, sister, Baker and I all went to see a movie. We had all the intentions of seeing Jim Carrey's new movie Yesman however, when coordinating 6 people (my dad & stepmom too - they were the babysitters) and everyone is a little bit late, it adds up. Let's just say, the movie was in one of the smallest auditoriums and even the front row was occupied. No one was going to share their "saved" seats with us I might add. So, we exchanged our tickets and decided to see Marley & Me. It was good and wholesome, but better viewed as a rental in my opinion. Anyhow, getting to the point. OH yes. It was a story that reminded me of my life. And Baker I know was thinking the same thing. Probably right along the time Aniston has two small boys and is a stay at home mom. She puts the kids down for a nap and flops onto her own bed with the dog Marley. Marley hears the garbage truck and jumps up, starts barking and wakes up the sleeping babies and nap time is thus concluded. Enter Wilson, and Aniston loses it. "GET THAT DOG OUT OF HERE!" The kids haven't napped in two weeks and the dog needs a new home! Now, any of you who have read my blog would know that I could have made a fortune turning in a script of my life and having a movie named Summer and I made for the big screen. The real reason for this post. Baker and I were driving home from church today, and we were looking at all the snow still on the rooftops of some of the houses in one section of town, and I mentioned moving there so we could still have snow. He mentioned living in a more prominent (pricey) area. I chuckled,"right" I thought. I mentioned after seeing Marley and Me that we should move to a place with a big yard for our dogs and the kids. I told him, "after seeing that movie I was ready to move." He said, "me too!" But, we still have time he concluded. We can wait. The babies are small, and by the time they are ready to run and stretch their legs, maybe we will be too. Next house. Hopefully that doesn't mean there will be another dog too.

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Emily said...

Oh dear.
Summer & I
Good one.
I find it hard to believe that Baker has been able to hold on to that dog as long as he has actually! :)

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