Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hair ya go! (More hair stuff)

I stated a while ago that I would post a picture of my updated haircut. I basically added bangs. Tryin' out Katie Holmes style if you will. I got this wild hair (idea) that I would grow out my hair. This is a cyclical thing. I wear it short. Luv it short. Like the way it looks in pictures short. Then I think I'll grow it out. That is where I am now. Then I grow it out. Bemoaning the uncomfortable grow out stages all the while. Get it long and realize I despise wearing ponytails five out of seven days a week. Look at pictures and realize I don't like the way I look with long hair and then cut it short. And then I instantaneously lose 15 pounds in my face just by cutting my hair! That's when I vow never to wear my hair long again. So, why am I growing my hair out again? Because of Sandra Bullock. Seriously. I went and saw The Proposal. Very cute movie. And the entire movie I sat there thinking . . . if I lost some weight and grew my hair out . . . I could totally look like that. I could ROCK the long hair look. Of course this is all in my head at this point. And in order to lose the 15 extra pounds in my face that long hair adds, that means I would need to be ubber skinny. So that my bloggy friends is why I'm growing out my hair. Sort of. Maybe. Once I lose some weight. Well! It's always good to have a goal. I'm just sayin!

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Alexis said...

I'm there with you! I'm already in the 'awkward' stage and I am looking at pictures of me with short hair and I love them! Why do we have this yo-yo thinking that short hair is awesome then long hair is the best...I'm thinking of cutting my hair short and just being ok with it. :)

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