Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Calling Poisen Control!

Today's agenda was to eat breakfast, stop by City Hall to renew the dog's license, go to the post office and then (if the kids were being super duper good and funny) go to Safeway to use my $10 off $50 grocery coupon.

To set the scene, we are already way behind what would be considered "breakfast hour" and I have made a protein shake for moi and oatmeal for the babes. I'm splitting the oatmeal between the two of them and I lay a vitamin (for myself) on the counter. I take a mental note, not to leave the vitamin on the counter because I don't want Luke to eat it, and proceed feeding the kiddos.

Me: Luke, did you eat my vitamin?
Luke: Yeah.
Me: YOU ATE MY VITAMIN? (Meanwhile grabbing the bottle and showing him another one)
Luke: Yeah. I eat one.

I realize I need to call the doctors office which tells me to call poisen control. I call poisen control. I have to read off the ingredients. ALL the ingredients. At this point Natalie is crawling around in the kitchen and remembers the cabinet under the sink has a fun roll of garbage sacks to play with. Mommy didn't lock the cabinet yet, therefore it's open. Whoo hoo! So the entire three minutes I'm talking to poisen control dude, Natalie manages to poop and pull out the garbage sacks.
Meanwhile poisen control dude is asking if Luke is acting normal. I look at him as he's red faced and coughing like something is tickling or stuck in his nose. "Yes," I reply to the p.c. dude. Still hoping this coughing fit is just oatmeal going down the wrong tube, and there is nothing (like a vitamin) stuck in his nose.

The good news . . . Luke should be just fine. The bad news . . . the side effects of him taking my 3 in 1 boost vitamin is increased activity. Ya know. To help increase metabolism. What could be better than an active 2-1/2 yr. old boy on a vitamin boost? Just wish me luck at the grocery store!


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Yeesh! I'm trying to imagine Bubbalu with an enhanced activity level - I think I would call in reinforcements :)

Hope it goes OK, girl!

April said...

Hee, hee! I am so not laughing that you had to call poison control - just giggling at lil' missy getting into things while you were distracted. LOL!

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