Thursday, July 2, 2009

Arbor Mist How I ♥ Thee

I was just introduced to my new friend. Meet Arbor Mist. Nevermind the second ingredient is High Frutose Corn Syrup. We don't care about that (just this one time). Last night I was introduced to Peach Chardonnay and Island Fruits Pinot Grigio and both were good excellent. Tonight's meeting was with Strawberry White Zinfadel. After being chilled in the ice box for a while, and developing some icey like characteristics on the inside of the bottle, it held quite the chill. And was DEL-I-CIOUS. Absolutely delish. I just found out there is another relative named Blackberry Merlot. We might meet soon.


Erik and Mary said...

mmmm I love peach! Never tried those before. But is sounds like a treat!

Emily said...

Unfortunately I ruined myself as a teenager from ever drinking anything like this ;).
It sounds absolutely delicious though!!!

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