Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Recap

We had a eventful weekend. Baker had a softball tournament all day Saturday and I had a couple friends from high school over for brunch. We had a blast! The only problem is we forgot to take a picture. Guess we will have to get together again so I can get a picture. One of my friends stayed until almost 3 and we got to catch up chatting and just hanging together. Then my dad and step-mom stopped by. After that the kiddos and I went to see Baker's last softball game and grab some burgers. Grandma Jean joined us for a little while, then headed off to see my step-dad in the hospital with a double knee replacement - OUCH. The good news is that Baker's team won 2nd in their tournament! Yay! Sunday we went to church, went to an engagement/birthday party, took naps and went to my dad's for dinner. Whew! Now, I need a day to rest. Only thing is . . . it's Monday.

The first and second place softball teams!

Daddy (through the eyes of a 2-1/2 yr old)

Daddy and Nat (Luke takes pretty good pics, huh)?!

Luke ran the bases. Tah dah!

My dad and Natalie
(she just learned to drink from a straw, & is so proud)

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