Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Little TV and a Little Reality

I found a new show that I am seriously giddy over. NO JOKE. I seriously can't wait for the next episode and would re-watch the ones I have already seen. Royal Pains. I. Luv. This. Show!!! A cute concierge doc, people who have money to throw around and a romance story all woven throughout each episode. Simply splendid. USA channel on Thursday nights. Totally worth your time. BTW - (I'm so behind, but whatever) I finished watching the last season of Gilmore Girls and was seriously let down. Not sure if it was how the series ended or because it ended. Probably a combo of both. Let's just say that I liked Luke but I completely believed in my heart of hearts that Chris and Lorelai belonged together forever. But that's just in pretend life. Here in real life, my husband and I are married. It's true. Facebook just notified him and confirmed that we are married. Don't you just love real life?


April said...

You've got me hooked on Royal Pains, too. USA has great shows - In Plain Sight is another fave of mine!
I cried at the finale of GG, but more because my ALL TIME fave show was ending. I thought they could have done better in the end, but oh well - no judging here. Christopher had way too many chances, and I am glad it was Luke and Lorelei in the end. :o)

tomelindasue said...

I love your blog Jackie! You are so creative and interesting, ha ha, how come i didn't know that? (just kiddin!) Afterall, we are the Committed Athletic Duo going EVERY WEEK to the track :)
Thanks for sharing your life,
Aunt Mel

Emily said...

Alas, we only have "welfare tv", (at least that's what Ryan calls it) so I can't check out all these new shows you guys talk about! :(
I think its funny that FB confirmed with Pat that you are married! I understand why...but it still sounds funny.

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