Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm A Pirate! That I Be! But Only For a While.

My dear sweet, hard headed, determined, tough boy was playing with his cousins +1 (cousin's friend) on Friday and came up the stairs crying.

Full out crying. Not the typical I'mmadbecauseIdidn'tgetmyownway cry, but SOMETHING is wrong cry.

Folks, he was coming up the stairs on the other side of the house while I was in the garage (another garage sale, what can I say) and I heard him.
He said his eye hurt. I asked the boys what happened and nobody really knew. Huh. Okay. No big deal. Why don't you sit with me a minute. Okay mom. (That was a little bit weird). As the day progressed he started to cry every 10-15 minutes about his eye hurting.

Then he would want me to hold him. Carry him. Folks, my 2-1/2yr old is not little. He is the size of a FOUR year old. Carrying 36 pounds on my hip all day kinda tweaks my back. That's besides the point.

By 11am it was becoming more apparent that something wasn't right, although I seriously had no idea what the deal was. I couldn't see anything, his eye wasn't red or pink, it just watered and he cried that it hurt. At the prompting of my SIL and her friend, saying it could be a scratched cornea, I called the doctor and we headed off to an appointment. They were right.

It took three of us to hold him down and administer the eye antibiotic. It took two eye patches before we made it outta the office. And it took lots and lots of loves and re-assurance to keep that eye band aid on all afternoon and night. And let me tell you, after his nap he was very convinced that, "it's workin' mom! It's workin'!" But, alas I wouldn't let him take off his eye patch/bandaid until Saturday per Doctor's orders. I'm pleased to say that as of Saturday morning, Luke's eye patch came off and he hasn't complained once.

Another thing, he scratched the cornea on his right eye. His good eye. He was born with a droopy eyelid over his left eye and has to have it checked periodically at the eye doctors. Last appointment I was informed that he may have to wear an eye patch to force him to use he left eye and strengthen it. His next appointment is less than a month away. Now I have more accurate info to communicate with the eye dr. about the use of his left eye. In my heart, I know there was a purpose for this little mis-hap.

God always has a plan. Even in the little things.


Alexis said...

Oh man! That poor little man! I'm glad to hear that he's OK now and that your eye appointment might go well too! God is awesome, how heals two things at once!

Emily said...

Great post Jackie!
Poor little Lukie, and poor mama! 36 pounds of Luke on your hip??? I feel your pain!

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