Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back To Basics

Since I've been focused on losing weight and getting in shape, I've accumulated quite the pile of clothes on my closet floor. It's the TOO BIG pile. Which is good. Very good. However, that means the clothes left on the shelves is dwindling and needs some replenishing shall we say?! So I've been looking for some basics. Jeans, sweatshirts, basic long sleeved tees and shoes. I think these are kinda cute! Do you have any suggestions? I need some ideas for clothes that can be dressed up or down. For dates, baby showers, church etc.
What's the must have for this fall and winter?
(Amazon) (Victoria's Secret)

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Mom B said...

Is this a hint for your birthday?

Mom B

Alexis said...

In my opinion, cardigans, long sleeve shirts and scarves are my favorite pieces. Layering is my motto. I also like a little bling in my closet so a scarf/cardigan with touches of sequins for example is a great way to make an outfit fancy and trendy. Oh and grey with bright red is the big thing for this fall.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Me needs me some boots like those uber chic ones :)

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Oh, and I have NO idea on the must-have's for this fall and winter. As you probably can tell, I'm on a no spending "diet" and am cutting up and repurposing my clothes :)
However, I DO have some ideas for making clothes fit that are too big! I do alterations...

p.s. the spending diet NOT BY CHOICE!

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