Monday, October 5, 2009

Debbie Downer

Some days I sound like Debbie Downer.
(Insert trombone sound of WAH WAH).
Today, is one of those days. I feel a little over extended right now. I got a million things running through my head and the day progresses 10 times as fast as I can move to get things accomplished. Plus, we are still a bit off schedule (maybe from vacation or being too busy)? Anyhow, Natalie is sick with another cold or teething. Not sure if the runny nose is completely due to one or both. But, it makes for an extraordinarily clingy child that wants to be held ALL DAY LONG. Therefore my To Do list just keeps growing. So, I need to keep this short and work on my list. At least making the list on paper will make me feel better and less jumbled.
So, I will leave you with a cute picture of Baker and I from our Duck game on Saturday. We went with our friends Ryan and Emily and had a blast! Plus the Ducks won. Double score!!! And hopefully I will be back soon and Debbie will be put to rest.

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Mom B said...

I love the picture of you two! What a handsome couple!! I am glad that you had a great day! Hang in there it can only get better!

Love ya, Mom B

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