Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Umpa Lumpa

I'm not sure what it is about rainy and cool weather, but it makes me want to be domestic. I love the smell of home cooked meals and freshly baked goods. And being on my second round of Biggest Loser competition at the gym, I feel better making my food - knowing the exact ingredients I'm eating. All that said, I tried making Blueberry Oatmeal Bars for the kids snacks this week. The recipe is from the Deceptively Delicious Cookbook and contains spinach in it. (Mom, don't tell Dad or he'll never eat at my house again. Okay)?I tried these, and they are really good. I couldn't taste any spinach. However, they were really crumbly. I don't know if it was because I used butter instead of a margarine spread or I didn't cook them long enough. (If you click on the link you can see what they're really suppose to look like, and my bars had way too much crust).
Anyhow, the kids seemed to like them. Well . . . at least one of them. Luke left some of his bar at the table and Miss Nat found it. She doesn't look guilty at all. Not at all. Look at that fist. She's not lettin' go for nothin'. And yes, that is blueberry all over her face. Thank goodness she was wearing a navy shirt. My own little Umpa Lumpa!

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grama jean said...

Oh, she is sooooooo cute! :)

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