Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just the Bare Necessities

I've compiled a short list of ideas that I would love to have for my birthday make me feel a little more sanitary at the gym. First off, I could use a yoga mat that resembles something like this. Because dripping sweat and sharing mats with everyone else at the gym is just plain gross. Trust me.
(Barnes and Noble)

And then, I could use one of these suckers. Because losing your screw top lid rolling across the gym floor during the middle of class is just a little annoying. And embarressing. I'm just sayin'.


This look would help me work out harder at the gym. HA HA. Okay, at least I'll look good when I'm running errands with my toddlers. With or without the shower. Hey! We've all been there.


And then the price has dropped on these fun things. And I think it would be a blast to play games with a certain little boy on rainy afternoons in the winter. Or while he's sleeping. Either way works for me.

(Amazon, Toy's R Us, Walmart etc.)

But, that game system is nothing without this fun game.

My favorite ride at California Adventure Park. Ahhh. Sigh.

A girl can always dream.

(Toys 'R Us, Walmart etc.)

1 comment:

Emily said...

Nice list!
If you get the Wii, I just might have to come over for a playdate with you. We could gate the kids upstairs and play downstairs by ourselves!! haha

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