Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ah Choo!

Cold season is here! Has anyone elses household been hit with nasty cold bugs? Natalie has been getting a cold every other week it seems. However, some of that may be due to molars that are appearing. So, this is what my cupboard is stocked with to prevent and combat colds this winter. I trust Shaklee's vitamins and their non-gentically modified soy protein for my family. I use their products daily and love them! If you've never heard of Shaklee you should check them out! Also, we have added extra vitamin D drops for the kids and of course orange juice always sounds good when you have a cold. I simply mix the oj with protein powder and voila! An orange julius smoothie! What do you do to help combat cold and flu season in your house?

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Erik and Mary said...

I am new to all this and was wondering what kind of vitamins (if any) I should get for Macey. Where do you get them from? Online? Anything in local stores that would work? If you get a chance... let me know your thoughts. ;-)

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