Monday, October 26, 2009

Birthday Giveaway Day 1


Happy Monday ladies! My weekend was full and filled with lots of fun memories and a very wonderful birthday. I was spoiled rotten and had a great day. Now, let's start your week off on a good note.

Today's giveaway is a great reusable tote from none other than NORDSTROMS!

This super cute bag measures 12" wide by 13.5" high by 4" deep. And for good measure, I'll include a surprise with this tote, but you won't know what it is until you win it and receive it in the mail!

To enter this giveaway:

Leave me a comment telling about your most memorable birthday gift you've ever received. Additional entries for reposting my birthday giveaway button on your blog, following this blog, blogging about this reusable tote giveaway, or linking to this giveaway on facebook or twitter. Be sure to leave your link if you tweet or post on facebook. Also! Be sure to leave your email contact in your comment!


Emily said...

Ummmm too cute!
I wanna hear about "HOW" you were spoiled!!! :)

My most memorable birthday gift to date was probably when my mom took me to Las Vegas for my 21st!

Sooooo glad you had a fun day.

Emily said...

I follow

charis said...

happy birthday!

my most memorable gift was a camera.

hope you have a great birthday week!

charis said...

i follow your blog!

oh, and

charis said...

added the giveaway button to my blog!

Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

The most memorable Birthday present for me was this past year when my husband took me to see Wicked!

Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

I have your birthday button on the right side of my blog.

Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

I follow

April said...

Vegas last year was incredible!! :o)

Taryn said...

my most memorable gift was for my 21st bday too.

I got my first ipod (my only ipod thus far) it was the biggest and the best at the time and I was so proud!

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