Thursday, October 22, 2009

Birthday Bash GiveawayS!

I'm preparing some birthday fun to share with you! What better way to celebrate my 31st birthday than by giving something or thingS away! So get ready! Spread the word and grab a birthday button. And starting Monday, October 26 . . . come check out the giveaways.

You don't wanna be Tardy for this Party!!!

Babies...Belly Laughs
& Bare Feet
Birthday Giveaway!


April said...

Check you out ... getting all fancy with your own birthday button!! I've got it posted in my sidebar ... can't wait to celebrate with you!! :o)

Alexis said...

fancy dancy! I've got it on my side bar too. Happy birthday!

Erik and Mary said...

Happy Birthday! But I seriously can't believe you used the line "tardy for the party"! Ha, Ha!

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